Highlighted at Bloom Lake
Northern Red-Legged Frog
Twilight Seagulls, Vertical
Gradient Background with a Few Seagulls in Flight
Dune Stalk at Sunset
Backlit Dune Grass Bent in the Wind
Dune Grass Studio
Sunlit Sparkly Sand Texture
Exploration: Beach Shipwreck
Golden Light at Peter Iredale
Stars Over Hug Point Point State Park
Quiet Reflections
Exploring Chapman Point, Thru the Brush
Deep Blue Background, Sky and Ocean
Epic Seascape Above Murre Rocks, Oregon Coast
Half Moon Over Ecola Point
Black and White Oregon Coast Seascape, Ecola State Park
Sunset Over Hidden Cove at Ecola Point
Peaceful Sunset at Ecola Point
Young Man with Paddle Board
Surfer Pose at Ecola State Park